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Temperature control for engine test benches

Temperature control for engine test benches  

Engine test bench

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Combustion engines for automobiles have to be run on R&D test benches. To do so, tempering units must maintain the temperature of the motor oil and cooling water at constant values. For lack of space, the tempering units are installed in the double bottom of the test benches and connected to the oil supply and in-house cooling water system over suitable connectors. Data are transmitted to the test benches' control center over an optical fiber connection.



– Planning and creation of the hydraulic control concept
– Sizing the hydraulic, measuring and control equipment
– Production of the tempering equipment
– Start-up of the test benches
– Optimization of control parameters



Thermal output Max. 400 kW
Temperature range 20 to 150 °C
Control accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Data transmission Optical fiber

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