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Safety in process automation   Safety in process automation

Safety – Plant safety has always played a major role in process automation. Apart from explosion protection, functional safety and plant availability have become more and more important.

Products – Our process automation devices meet highest quality demands. Solenoid valves and limit switches to control and monitor actuators ensure a high operational reliability in hazardous areas as well as in safety circuits for requirements up to SIL 4. Pneumatic diaphragm switching devices offer high reliability and a long service life for industrial processes, compressed air control systems in tunnel boring machines or for mobile respirators.

Automation – Our tailor-made automation solutions are proof of the competence we have acquired in all areas of process automation, from control loops to state-of-the-art process control systems, over the past decades. A few examples of our fields of expertise include automating autoclaves for food sterilization, automating heat exchangers used on test benches for automotive and aircraft engines as well as automating piggable pipeline networks required to transport products in chemical plants safely and without burdening the environment. Desuperheaters and steam-pressure reducing units with pressure and temperature control allow for economic steam conditioning in process engineering as well as in the food and paper industries. Telemetry systems with advanced technologies reliably transmit all signals, alarms and events over any distance to a central control unit for further processing.

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